About Us

A bit of Cuba in Edmonton

La Bodeguita de Cuba is a restaurant that was born from the need to show the most authentic flavors of the Cuban cuisine, as well as to make known our culture in general, showing decorative images of the daily happenings of the island, and our traditional music. that you can hear it live every day, a cocktail bar with flavors one hundred percent Cuban for its rums and way of preparation as the famous Mojito, the traditional Cuba Libre or the classic Daiquiri, thus having the opportunity to spend time in Cuba, wrapped in the magic of our establishment, through our food, drink and music.


We bring you a piece of our land, the laughter of its people, what makes us unique enside the Caribbean, to share with you


We bring you a piece of our food, delicacies of Spanish tradition, African and Chinese jealously guarded for the enjoyment of the most demanding customers


To have the complete experience a touch of the most traditional and famous Cuban cocktails with world-known preparations


A bit of Cuba in Edmonton

We are aware of the importance of a good diet, so, in addition to using the best raw materials and carefully selected traditional ingredients, we prepare all our recipes daily in a totally handmade way, always working so that our clients feel like they are in Cuba and enjoy of our products with the closeness and quality that make us unique. In addition, we care that all our production processes are the purest traditional representation of Cuban cuisine, ensuring that the product is as expected by our customers: fresh, good, delicious and authentic.

Enjoy the authentic and traditional Cuban food, with dishes from all over the Island for your delights.

Cocktail service with the most varied offer of Cuban drinks, difficult to refuse for an evening closing more than exquisite.